Dreams Addicted

Waiting for a sign

About the Girl
Elena, Italian. Loves cinema, acting, reading,writing, London, English and a lot of other things. Has an affair with her pc and a wrong relationship with her television. She's a dreams addicted. Wants to become a journalist.
Has a thing for older men.
Hates false people, Maths and cigarettes.
The Ships
Harry&Hermione[Harry Potter] - Jack&Elizabeth[Potc] - House&Cameron [House MD]- Jaime&Cersei Sandor&Sansa Jorah&Dany [ASOIAF] - Jack&Kate Ben&Juliet[Lost] - Doctor&Rose [Doctor Who] - Jack&Gwen[Torchwood] - Jareth&Sarah [Labyrinth] - Bill&Sookie Eric&Sookie [True Blood] - Landa&Shosanna [Inglourious Basterds] - DeWitt&Dominic [Dollhouse] - Graverobber&Shilo Nathan&Shilo [Repo!] - Erik&Christine [The Phantom of the Opera] - Wolverine&Rogue [X-men] - V&Evey [V for Vendetta] - Daniel&Betty[Ugly Betty] - Guy&Marian[Robin Hood] - Derek&Meredith Danny&Izzie Alex&Addison[Grey's Anatomy] - Jack&Samantha[Without a trace] - Gibbs&Abby [NCIS] - Grissom&Cath[CSI] - Spike&Buffy Giles&Buffy [Buffy TVS] - Luke&Lorelai Jess&Rory[Gilmore Girls] - Dawson&Joey[Dawson's Creek] - Laurie&Jo[Little Women]- Hook&Wendy[Peter Pan] - Aragorn&Eowyn[Lord of the Kings]

Johnny&Keira[Potc] - Dan&Emma[Harry Potter] - Hugh&Jen[House MD] - Christoph&Mélanie [Inglourious Basterds] - Robert&Kristen[Twilight] - Patrick&Ellen[Grey's Anatomy] - Matt&Evie[Lost] - David&Billie [Doctor Who] - Marco Travaglio&Beatrice Borromeo [AnnoZero] - Gerard&Emmy[The Phantom of the Opera]
The Obsessions
BOOKS: Jane Eyre,Girl with a pearl earring, Atonement,Harry Potter, Lolita, Little Women, Gone with the wind, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, LOTR, War&Peace

Pirates of the Caribbean,Lolita(1997) Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera, V for Vendetta , Carlito's way, Sin City, Atonement, Repo the genetic opera

PEOPLE: David Tennant, Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Billie Piper, Emma Watson, Marco Castoldi, Marco Travaglio, Beatrice Borromeo, Enzo Biagi, Daniele Luttazzi,David Bowie

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